The following are committees of the association:

Ad-Hoc Committee

The President, subject to Board approval, may establish ad-hoc committees and assign members to such committees, as may be necessary in the conduct of PAMWE activities.

Audit Committee
Committee Chair: Al Abastillas

The Audit Committee is responsible for oversight of financial reporting, disclosure and books of account of PAMWE It ensures that PAMWE financial record keeping is adequate and funds are properly managed.

Awards Committee
Committee Chair: Alex Miravite

The Awards Committee is responsible for establishing guidelines to recognize, encourage and stimulate outstanding contributions to the member’s profession and to the PAMWE.

Continuing Education Committee
Committee Chair: Hedy Leuterio Thomas

The Continuing Committee is responsible for the development and operation of a continuing education program such as the dissemination of materials relevant to the “state-of-the-art” in engineering and opportunities for professional training and employment through the medium of published materials or seminars and symposia.

DCCEAS Committee
Committee Chair: Teofilo Reyes

The DCCEAS Committee is responsible for the following functions and activities: (a) represents PAMWE on the DCCEAS council; (b) attends and participates in the DCCEAS monthly meeting and activities; (c) provides and informs DCCEAS on the latest PAMWE events; (d) informs and advise the PAMWE Award Committee on nominating its members for the DCCEAS annual Engineer of the Year and Young Engineer of the Year; and (e) informs the PAMWE members of various events and activities of the other DCCEAS member societies.

Finance Committee
Committee Chair: Felipe Solis

The Finance Committee is responsible for management of funds to support all project and activities of PAMWE.

Membership Committee
Committee Chair: Lynnie Ball

This Membership Committee is responsible for seeking out prospective PAMWE members, screening membership applications; making recommendations to the Board; and updating membership roster.

Placement Assistance Committee
Committee Chair: Raffy Discipulo

The Placement Assistance Committee is responsible for establishing and maintaining a job referral system to serve its general membership and prospective members and providing guidance to members, engineers and related professionals new in the area.

Programs Committee
Committee Chair: Hazel Russell

The Programs Committee initiates, schedule and coordinate programs and activities of the association. These activities include fund raising, picnic, Christmas and Holiday parties.

Publications Committee
Committee Chair: Hedy Leuterio Thomas

The Publications Committee is responsible for the preparation, printing and distribution of the PAMWE newsletters and other publications and issuing press releases to the various media to publicize the PAMWE activities.

Scholarship Committee
Committee Chair: Hilda Leuterio Gigioli

The Scholarship Committee is responsible for the administration of the scholarship program of the association including all correspondence with the school beneficiary.

Sports Committee
Committee Chair: Carl Layno

The Sports Committee is responsible for organizing sports events to promote camaraderie among members, friends and patron of PAMWE.

Webmaster Committee
Committee Chair: Hilda Leuterio Gigioli

The Webmaster Committee implements web pages, maintains content and overseas day-to-day management of the organization’s website, and assures quality and filing integrity of web pages.