The PAMWE Scholarship

Following the launching of its first scholarship in the University of the Philippines in 1981, PAMWE has granted 117 scholarship terms in the Philippines as well as in the United States.

To date, the PAMWE has established ten perpetual engineering scholarships in the Philippines. The school beneficiaries includes:

  1. AMA Computer College,
  2. Cebu Institute of Technology,
  3. De La Salle University,
  4. Holy Angel University,
  5. Mapua Institute of Technology,
  6. Notre Dame University,
  7. St. Louis University,
  8. University of the Philippines,
  9. University of Maryland,
  10. University of San Agustin,

Two recents recipients of the scholarships successfully graduated from the Cebu Institute of Technology and University of San Augustine.  Please contact to any of the school above to apply for PAMWE scholarship.

The Catholic University of America Pope Francis Scholarship 

The School of Engineering at CUA (SOE-CUA) has constantly explored educational opportunities with several top universities in Southeast Asia in the last 12 years.  CUA stood up the Pope Francis Scholarship that will allow students from CUA partner universities to transfer to CUA school after they complete three years of course work at their home university. Agreement and articulation have been signed to ensure that course work in the first three years at the partner university is pre-approved to be transferred to SOE-CUA so that participating students will spend no more than two year at SOE-CUA to complete with dual degrees from both schools. Usually students over-elect their courses and take advantage of the CUA Bachelor/Master Accelerate Program so that students can earn a bachelor degree and a master degree of their choice after spending two years at CUA.

CUA stood up the CUA Student Selection Committee.  This committee selects students recommended by the partner universities to receive the scholarship.  The CUA Student Selection Committee will also assist the school in the Philippines to establish an MOU/MOA with the community organizations such as PAMWE at Washington DC area that will help to house the students while in school.

At this time, the Pope Francis Scholarship is only being offered to engineering students.  The plan is to expand to other colleges at CUA.  For more information, visit the CUA School of Engineering.